Invented in partnership with Hollywood studios, DaVinci has been the standard in post production for over 30 years. DaVinci Resolve is the real time grading system that’s been used worldwide on more feature films, episodic television productions, commercials, independent films and music videos than any other. 

Works With Everything
No other system handles more types of file formats in real time so you can edit and grade virtually anything a client brings through the door! DaVinci Resolve allows full unlimited editing and grading of DPX, CIN, EXR, Tiff, QuickTime, ProRes, DNxHD and MXF files all in real time. You can even work with AVI, JPEG2000, HQ and HQX in MOV, JPEG, TGA and BMP and multi channel audio!

Camera RAW Support
DaVinci Resolve includes more native camera file support than any other solution! That means you’re editing and grading directly from the wide dynamic range camera originals. DaVinci Resolve is compatible with CinemaDNG RAW, ARRI Alexa™ RAW and Amira™. RED One™, EPIC™, Scarlet™and Dragon™ R3D files including +5K, monochrome and HDRx images. Also supported are Cineform™, Cineform™ 3D, Phantom Raw™, GoPro™, Nikon™, Canon™ C300, C500 and 1D, 5D, 7D and the raw cameras from Sony™ F65/F55/F5 RAW and their XAVC variants and many, many more!

Unlimited Grades
DaVinci Resolve uses node based processing where each node can have color correction, power windows and effects. Nodes are similar to layers, but more powerful because you can join unlimited nodes sequentially or in parallel. That means you can combine grades, effects, mixers, keys and even plug-ins in any order to create limitless color effects and unique looks.

Grading from RAW Files
Cinematographers will love the new camera RAW palette in DaVinci Resolve. You get high quality debayer with highlight recovery, white balance, color space and gamma controls, along with adjustments for fine tuning exposure, color temperature, tint, sharpness and more so that you have virtually unlimited creative control over RAW images. Now you can take advantage of the full wide dynamic range of RAW images and pull the maximum detail out of the highlights, shadows, and mid tones in real time!

Powerful Primaries
Great color correction starts with a well balanced image. Get perfect looking images with the world’s most powerful primary color corrector for setting lift, gamma and gain with the control and precision of DaVinci’s unique YRGB color space. Primary controls include shadows, mid tones and highlight log controls with offset.

Precision Secondaries
Target specific colors or areas of the image with DaVinci’s precision secondary color correctors. Precise HSL, RGB color and LUM qualification lets you target specific areas of the image. And with DaVinci Resolve’s new keyer controls you always get clean edges, so no matter how complex your grade it blends seamlessly.

Power Windows
Invented by DaVinci, Power Windows revolutionized grading by letting you isolate specific areas in the image. You can create an unlimited number of Power Windows using circular, linear, gradient and PowerCurve shapes and then combine them using matte and mask controls. Windows can automatically follow objects in the image using Resolve’s built in multi point tracker!

Image Stabilization and Tracking
DaVinci Resolve includes the world’s most powerful 3D tracker for locking Power Windows™ to on screen objects. Tracking is automatic so you don’t have to waste time generating keyframes. You can also use the tracker to stabilize images and clean up shots that would otherwise be unusable!

Optical Quality Reframing
When you need to reframe a shot, it’s vital that you don’t lose image quality. DaVinci Resolve includes optical quality sub pixel processing so when you reframe, zoom or even rotate a shot, quality is retained. This lets you fix shots in full quality.

Creative Tools
Add OpenFX plug-ins or the built in gaussian blurs, sharpen and mist on unlimited nodes in real time! DaVinci Resolve’s image sharpening and professional mist effects give you even finer control over the atmosphere and texture of your images!

Real Time Noise Reduction
Using today’s powerful GPUs, you can take advantage of DaVinci Resolve’s spatial and temporal noise reduction. DaVinci Resolve’s advanced noise reduction can clean up material shot on film as well as remove noise from images shot on digital cameras. You can even apply noise reduction within Power Windows!

Open FX Plug-ins
Resolve supports OpenFX plug-ins on both the editing timeline and within color nodes so you get almost limitless creative options! Work with third party plug-ins from developers like Red Giant™, Sapphire™ and more. DaVinci Resolve uses full 32 bit float GPU based image processing so you’ll always get the best looking results as fast as possible, even when using third party OpenFX plug-ins!

Gallery Stills and Grades
When you’re grading it’s important to keep stills from earlier in the job or even other projects so you can compare shots to keep your grades consistent. DaVinci Resolve’s Gallery lets you quickly save and share stills and also copy color grades from your work. Grades can be copied to individual clips, to all clips from the same reel, or to any selected group of clips.

Hardware Control Surface
To get the full DaVinci Resolve experience and to accelerate your workflow, use the award winning DaVinci control surface. You can make multiple adjustments simultaneously and use dozens of soft keys and knobs so that you’ll never have to mouse through multiple menus looking for common adjustments again! The DaVinci control surface lets you work fast, which is especially important when you’re on a deadline and collaborating with a client in your suite!