In March 09 we finished a spot for Alaska Airlines.

Conform, Color Grading, Compositing, Deliverables: Lightpress
Agency: Wong Doody
Editorial: World Famous

The footage was shot on 35mm film. We did a technical scan of the film directly to the iQ Pablo disks. In a technical scan the material is carefully balanced with blacks lifted about 5% and whites around 5% below clip. This grade avoids clipping out any important negative detail, and provides a good base 
for disk grading on the iQ Pablo. The spots were then conformed from EDL's provided by World Famous. The iQ Pablo's integrated paintbox was used to remove scratches and dirt. In this spot the shots with the urinal in the background had a flashing red light added using the iQ's tracker, 
color corrector and glows. The soap in the sink was made pink to make it more 
visible. The conformed spot was then color corrected on the iQ Pablo.