Lightpress has a team of talented colorists and excellent tools for any film originated projects. Consult with our colorists to help guide the appropriate creative and technical choices to complete the vision of your project.

Film Scanning Technical Features

Print, Negative, Interpositive, Internegative
16mm, S16mm, 35mm (2, 3, 4 perf)
16mm scans @ 2K 4:3 (2048 x 1536)
S16mm scans @ 2K 16:9 (2048 x 1152)
35mm scans @ 4K 4:3 (4096 x 3072)
35mm scans @ 4K 16:9 (3840 x 2160)
35mm and 16mm Optical Audio
16mm Magnetic Audio
Scans to ProRes, DNXHR, DPX, Uncompressed


BEST LIGHT allows for going through the entire film element correcting for any exposure or color balance problems.
SCENE to SCENE allows for paying more attention to detail, color continuity, creating looks.

Rates and schedule

BEST LIGHT grade is charged per foot.
$0.44/ft for 16mm
$0.30/ft for 35mm
The minimum fee for a BEST LIGHT is $400.

SCENE to SCENE grade is charged @ $400 per hour @ 3:1 ratio.
Example: 20 mins of film will take 1hr to grade.
The minimum fee for SCENE to SCENE is $400.

Turnaround for film scanning is 5 business days.
5% fee for processing payments with credit card.

Film Scanning Sample



Standard 16mm 2K scan
Download full-res 7 GB file
Images by: Benjamin Popp