Conform, Color Grade, Compositing, Deliverables: Lightpress
Agency: Publicis In The West
Editorial: Collective
Graphics: Loaded Pictures

In March 09 we finished a spot for shot on Red One. 
The principal footage was shot at 4K 24fps.

The R3D files were imported into the iQ Pablo and played out to DVCam for offline edit in Avid.

A standard EDL was supplied by the editorial and the spot was conformed using the source R3D files.
Conform, color grading, composting, rig removal, graphics integration and deliverables 
were all done on the iQ Pablo system.
One of the great features of the iQ Pablo is its ability to work directly from the source R3D files. 
The R3D files are 12bit files, when imported into the iQ they are up sampled to 16bit.
This allows for substantial flexibility when color grading and keying images.

The original R3D media and iQ project was then archived onto LTO4 tape for the agency.
If any changes need to be made we can easily pull the project archive from the LTO tape back into the iQ Pablo.

This spot presented a few issues that we were able to use the iQ Pablo to fix.

The Money Shot
Due to problems with weather in Los Angeles we had to insert a new background into the final reveal of the home in the spot. Using garbage splines we cut out the exterior views through the windows and replaced them with a plate that was photographed some days later. Subtle reflections of the interior were added to the windows, as well as some shadows. Everything was graded in context and a camera move was taken from a previous shot and added to this comp. The couch in this shot had a large dimple that needed to be removed. 
We took a section of the couch without the dimple and used that to cover the problem area.

T-shirt fixes
The legal department noticed that the T-shirt the boy was wearing was not cleared for use. Instead of re-shooting or editing around these shots we tracked a new design onto the shirt.

Reflections of rigging and smudges on glass were removed on a shot looking through a window.

Below is a split screen of the spot showing before and after color correction and fixes.