Agency: Cole & Weber United
Director: Josh Taft
DP: Don Davis
Editorial: Collective
Dailies, Conform, Color Grading, Compositing, Deliverables: Lightpress

For dailies on this project the R3D files where imported into the IQ Pablo. 
We used the IQ Pablo's Qgrade utility to playback the media and color correct the dailies through our Davinci 2K system.
For the amount of raw footage we received this was going to be the quickest way to turnaround color corrected dailies.
The color corrected dailies were recorded to DVCAM for offline edit in Avid.

The spot had several composite and invisible effects. The final shot in the spot is an epic panoramic. There wasn't a beach the production could get permission to drive a truck on to, so the shot had to be a composite.
First we graded the truck shot to match the look of the rest of the spot. 

Then the truck was cut out and sand was added from a shot of a different beach. The logs, greenery, water, horizon, dramatic sky, man, dog, frisbee launcher and animated Frisbee we made were added as separate plates.
Along with the shadows and dust layers for the dog it was a 17 layer composite.

The video below describes many of the composite and invisible effects of this spot. 


We have developed a workflow that allows us to create dailies tapes from the R3D files, conform from a standard EDL and link back to the original source R3D media for the finish.

Working form the source R3D files provides many creative advantages because you are always working with the maximum resolution, bit depth, and color space possible.  In this example we applied one ISO settings from the R3D to be able to preserve detail in the clouds and another ISO setting for the foreground elements.

The middle image shows the final composite with color correction.

The final stage was to play out all the various deliverables from the IQ Pablo.
60 second, 30 second, 15 second versions were output to HDCamSR, Digibeta letterboxed, anamorphic, center cut, Quicktime and WMV's.

Click on the images below to view screen captures of the process.